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  It’s time for the people of God to recognize their ability to be successful in what they have been called to do!  This statement may excite some who read it and change their perspective on how they view themselves. Where others will read it and have no reaction. Why would ... Continue


What is Stopping You?

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What would you think if you were walking behind a person that came to an abrupt halt? Immediately you would think they saw something that startled them, and you stopped as well wondering what did they see?  Once you get the courage to investigate you take a look for yourself, ... Continue


I’m Filling My Cup!

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On Sunday’s Christians attend worship service at their local Church. On Wednesday’s they attend Bible study, on other night’s they come to Church for various meetings and rehearsals.  There are some Christians dealing with tension at home because they are spending so much time at Church. There also people looking ... Continue


Your Purpose Is Not Lost

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Imagine being in service worshipping God, but you feel you don’t understand your purpose. You attend service weekly seeking God’s direction but no path has been made clear. You listen to others talk about how God has given them direction to get involved in various ministries in the Church. However, ... Continue


Don’t Give Up!

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Right now there is someone playing a piano hoping one day they will have the opportunity to showcase their talent. There is another, working in a restaurant kitchen, dreaming of the day they have a grand opening of their own place. There is a recent college graduate who just started ... Continue


Are You Stuck in Yesterday?

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Has anyone ever shared their past with you and while they were talking about it, you could hear the excitement in there voice?  Has there been a time when someone talked to you about their past and you could hear the regret in their voice?  When you take a closer ... Continue


Jesus Loves You!

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Have you ever felt that nobody loves you? I wonder how many people are walking around feeling that love is not attainable. The real question is how do people come to this conclusion?  Some have arrived at this point by giving so much and receiving so little in return. Others ... Continue


Dig a Ditch or Give a Stone

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As Christians, we have two options in how we deal with people that make mistakes. We can either dig a ditch or give a stone. Let me explain. When people make mistakes, we can ridicule them and continually remind them of what they have done wrong. This is digging a ... Continue