Why Do You Come to the House?

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In Matthew 2:1 – 12 is  the story of the wise men from the East that saw the star identifying the birth of the King of the Jews (Jesus).  The star lead them to Jerusalem and then disappeared.  They saw king Herod’s house and assumed this must be the place where the child lives. However, it wasn’t and they were told they could find the child in Bethlehem.  As they left Herod’s house the star reappeared and guided them directly to Jesus’ house.  When they arrived at the house they were overwhelmed with joy.  This is interesting because they did not wait until they were inside before they got excited.  Once they entered the house they knelt before Jesus and gave him homage.  After doing this they presented Him with gifts. We have the reason for why the wise men came into the house.

The Church is the house where we come to meet Jesus. But, why do we come? We come to worship Him for all that He has done for us.  Second, we need to bring our gifts. Which is also a continuation of our worship. Also, we should be excited before we enter the house, because we know the benefits we gain by coming into His presence. When we leave the house, we take all we have received and share it with somebody else.  In doing this we are letting others know the reason we come into the house!