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I Didn’t Deserve This

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The one thing that is humbling for all the saints, is that we did not deserve the blessingsof the Lord. Everything that we received was done out of the love God has for us. This is the reason none of us can act as though we deserve what we received ... Continue


We Are Secure

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The relationship we have with Jesus Christ is one of love, care, and protection. When we look at what is happening in the world, I wonder how many people are wavering in their relationship with the Lord?  Some may say they don't feel loved by the Lord because of all ... Continue


How Are You Living?

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You’re living in a time where some things don't make sense. We are dealing with a pandemic that is still taking lives, and the only way we will defeat it is for us to work together. Now that schools have opened, there have been a number of shootings around them ... Continue



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The writer of Ecclesiastes says that many things are vanity. In essence, many of the things we do are worthless, and won't make a difference. However, in Ecclesiastes 3:14, in this verse, the writer tells us various things about God, and how we should respond. The first statement he made ... Continue


You Have To Turn

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I wonder how many people feel like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Every time it feels like Covid19 is beginning to subside, then we hear about the number of cases increasing. In the past year,  children were least likely to be infected but with the ... Continue


It Will Be Stilled

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Imagine seeing several boats at sea struggling to remain afloat, because the raging waves are trying to topple them. Each boat is doing what it can to continue to move forward; but, no matter what they do nothing is working. You can hear some of the people on their boats ... Continue


What Have You Heard?

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In Romans 10:17 , Paul talks about how we can to grow in our faith. In one verse we aregiven insight about how our faith is established, and then grows within us. The first stepin the process is reviewing: What have you heard? The word heard is past tense forhearing, ... Continue


The Lord Is Watching Over You

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This virus is doing all it can to maintain a stronghold on the entire world. Once peoplestarted to get vaccinated the number of cases dropped dramatically, and the number ofdeaths and hospitalizations did the same. Then the number of people being vaccinatedstarted decreasing because some were not sure about the ... Continue


Speak from the Heart

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Saints, the pandemic has caused some to step outside the will of the Lord, and do things that were not pleasing in His sight. Their hearts have been stained by all that has happened, and they have not been respectful of others and themselves.  David made a mistake.   Mistakes ... Continue


Nothing Can Prevent His Will

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Job was a man that would continue to trust God, even when he was dealing with trials and tribulations. This all came about when Satan was allowed by God to create havoc in the life of Job. The purpose of the havoc was to get Job to turn away from ... Continue