God Chose You!

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In Matthew 1:18 – 25 we read about Mary being a virgin with child through the Holy Spirit. The problem is that she is engaged to Joseph. Once she shares with him what was going on, he decides to break the engagement privately. He could have made this information public and Mary could have been stoned for committing adultery.  That night, when he went to sleep, an angel shared the truth with him, and instructed him on what he was to do.  When he woke up, he did as he was instructed.  I want to point out that Joseph was chosen by God to be the earthly father of Jesus.  He was to be his protector and provider.  Just imagine for a minute from all the people God could have chosen, He decided on Joseph.  He spent the rest of his life doing what God chose him to do.

What has God chosen you to do, are you struggling to embrace it?  I know you feel incapable, but God chose you.  Since you have been chosen, God will supply you with everything you need.  Also, He will give you instructions on what you are to do.  Stop running and embrace your assignment, because God chose you.