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The Lord Believes in You

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When we say we believe in someone; in essence, we are saying we have a level of trust in them. You know when people believe in you, because their actions and what they say is evident. In Luke 1:26-38, we have the story of Mary being chosen by the Lord ... Continue


I Know What Comes First

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All of our Thanksgiving celebrations will be different this year, due to the growing number of people being infected by Covid-19. This has been upsetting because we have not spent any time with our families. Many were hoping Covid-19 would be decreasing throughout our country; but, the opposite has ... Continue


Trust and Commit

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If I were to ask you, how do you see yourself? How would you respond? Your answer will tell a lot about how you think the Lord sees you. If you have an unfavorable view of yourself, then your expectations of the Lord blessing you is low. Why would the ... Continue


Hold On!

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With all we are dealing with from the pandemic, presidential election, racial tension, and with most things shut down, it's been hard. Many can't see this coming to an end, so they want to give up. Truth be told, some have already mentally checked out and are just existing from one ... Continue


Initiate the Lord’s Plan!

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What we are currently going through will have an impact on us, and that is true. However, the question is, "are you going to allow the situation to control you?" or are you going to trust the Lord? If we allow what is happening to take control of our ... Continue


You Have Been Restored!

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Our focus is knowing Jesus has prayed for our victory, and since we have it then we will not allow Satan to break us. Jesus wants him to strengthen his brothers once he has turned back. Simon, initially failed when Satan began to sift him, because he was trying  to ... Continue


Speak With Conviction

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From the beginning of the pandemic, we have been given a lot ofinformation. We know the number of people that have been infected,hospitals running low on beds, and the number of people taken from us dueto Covid-19. Receiving this information constantly has caused us to focuson the problem. When ... Continue


We Have Work To Do

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We are dealing with a number of things happening in our country, the pandemic, racial tension, and the upcoming presidential election. We have to make a decision on how we are going to respond to all the turmoil. We can not allow any of these things to shake us, and ... Continue


Great is Your Faithfulness

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As the people of God, we have been able to make it one day at a time. However, some days are harder than others, especially when we hear someone we knew has been taken from us due to Covid-19. This is when it gets harder, because we are doing ... Continue


Deliverance Is On The Way

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We are living in a time where a number of things are not making sense. We have been lied to about the severity of Covid-19. Initially, we were told it's not going to have a major impact on our country; but, over 200,000 have been killed by the virus. We ... Continue