You Have Purpose and Direction!

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Male Hand Holding Success Compass

When we come into a room that is dark, the first thing we do is turn the light on so that we can see.  If we don’t turn on a light, there is a possibility we can injure ourselves in the dark. Therefore, to avoid injury, we turn on the light. That is exactly what we read about in John 1:1 – 5, the world was in darkness and Jesus brought light to the world.  Many were being injured because they could not see in the dark. There were gifts Jesus brought to us; life and light. Prior to the gift of life, we were just existing-not understanding our purpose. He also gave us light to see where we are going so that we can avoid injury. We are now a people with purpose and direction through Jesus Christ.

Are you living out your purpose?  Are you moving in the direction Jesus Christ has for you?  You can’t answer these questions without embracing the life and light. These are gifts Jesus wants you to open. What good is a gift if you don’t open it?  Jesus has given you these gifts, because He loves you and wants you to see what you are capable of accomplishing.