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In Ezekiel 37:1 – 14 we have the story of the valley of dry bones.  God took Ezekiel to the valley and showed him the dry bones and asked him a question, “Mortal can these bones live?”  He responded “O Lord God, you know.”  Image Ezekiel looking all around and he is surround by death. There is nothing alive in the valley but him.  God asked Ezekiel can this situation change?  Now Ezekiel had to determine how he was going to answer the question: By what the physical evidence was showing him, or place the situation into the hands of God.  By him recognizing that the situation was bigger than him, but not bigger than God.  God used him as the vessel that He was going to work through to change the situation. When Ezekiel began to prophesy to the bones, the power of God had him speak life to what was dead.

God was using the valley of dry bones as an example of the condition of the house of Israel. They were in exile in Babylon and all hope was lost.  God was showing Ezekiel, he was going to prophesy to them to encourage, empower, and excite them to come together as one house of Israel.  To be successful the people had to see life in him through the power of God.  Therefore, he had to believe before he could move others to do the same.

God has shown you the condition of people who have lost all hope.   He wants you to speak life to them: To raise them above their situations and circumstances, to know God will make away even when it appears it can’t get better.  You have to encourage, empower, and excite them from being stuck in hopelessness to a people that will move forward in faith.  Now, is the time for you to speak life!