Our History

Broad Rock Baptist Church was organized in 1896 when a group of Christians, affiliated with First Baptist Church of South Richmond, became concerned about the distance they had to travel for worship services. Led by the Holy Spirit, Edward Patron, Washington Cowan, and others in the neighborhood organized a Sunday School which met at Hickory Hill School.

Eventually, land was purchased and a bush-harbor was built in which to have Sunday school. Soon by the Grace of God, the construction of our church home was begun.

Reverend Douglas Scott became the pastor of this new church family- the Little Rock Baptist Church. Reverend Stephen Venable, Reverend Nelson and Reverend Hobb were the second, third and fourth pastors.

Under the leadership of the fifth pastor, Reverend R.I. Clark, the Little Rock Baptist Church choir was organized and was under the direction of the Reverend A.D. Smith. Our music ministry continues to thrive here at Broad Rock with talented and dedicated musicians and others who assist us. We have four choirs, J.A. Godrey Mass Choir, W.L. Godsey Memorial Youth Choir, Lester Pryor Memorial Male Choir, and the Lessie Miller Memorial Women’s Choir, that ministers God’s word though songs and music.

Reverend W. L. Godsey, our sixth pastor, served this congregation faithfully for 35 years in answering his call from God. During his guidance and leadership, the church building was remodeled twice, moved once and was expanded by the purchase of additional land. The baptismal pool was installed, the first piano and organ were purchased and other more modern facilities were installed.

The usher’s ministry was originally organized by Mrs. Grace Banks, now Deaconess Banks. At that time the ushers were known as the Junior Ushers and Usherettes. They purchased the brass candelabras, the cross, the candle snuffer, the bible stand, the communion table runner, the book markers and the antependium for the church. This ministry is still vibrant, increasing in membership and continues to be blessed and to be a blessing to us.

The Diaconate Ministry here at Broad Rock helped lay the foundation on which we continue to build today. Faithful servants such as the late Deacon Levi Austin, for whom our Fellowship Hall is named; and the late Deacon Joseph Miller for whom the Fellowship Hall Annex is named are among these. This ministry works with the Food Bank, benevolence projects and family ministry, and is comprised of 10 deacons and 9 deaconesses.

During the tenure of Reverend Lewis Jennings, our seventh pastor, our church name was changed from Little Rock Baptist to Broad Rock Baptist Church.
Our eighth and ninth pastors were Reverend Sandy Williams and Reverend James Lynch, respectively.

Under Reverend Lester Pryor’s leadership, our tenth pastor, our church facilities were completed on the inside and central air conditioning was installed.

Reverend Joseph A. Godrey, our eleventh pastor, instituted many new ministries: the Task force on Family Ministry, Christian Men’s Fellowship, Membership, Scholarship, Senior Citizens, Caring Ministry, and the Church and Pastor’s Interest Ministry. House to house prayer services were initiated prior to revivals. The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were renovated. A new baptismal pool was installed and the parking lot was improved and paved.
We thank Deaconess Grace Banks, the late Deaconess Edna Patron Lee and the late Brother John White who contributed to compiling the history of our church. We will continue to keep them in the archives of our church.

On March 26, 1991, the Lord enabled Broad Rock to pay off a mortgage loan held by First Virginia Bank, now BB&T Bank. On January 19, 1992, a mortgage burning ceremony was held during which some members reflected on the growing church membership, renovations and our music ministry. We thank God for all His goodness.

In 1992, the restrooms were remodeled. Two new vans and additional office equipment were purchased.

In 1993, we added the Joseph Miller Annex to our Fellowship Hall. This additional space was for Sunday School classes and the Christian Education Ministry. Also in 1993, a generous donor presented the church with a new computer. This enabled the secretary and others to perform our administrative work with more professionalism. Another gracious donor donated a new piano to the church thus enhancing our music ministry.

In the summer of 1993, increased church membership, another blessing from our Savior, allowed us to initiate an early morning worship service. This worship service, from 8:00 to 9:15 a.m., allows worshippers to testify and praise the Lord in a less formal worship setting.
In 1994, the church constitution and By-Laws were amended and adopted as the Church’s official guidelines. A Library Ministry was formed to establish a church library and resource center. In October, 1996 the Lucille L. Carrington Media Library was dedicated.
Reverend Barry D. Dubois served as our twelfth pastor.
The Lord continued to bless Broad Rock. Even though we had no pastor for a couple of years, we still had the Lord guiding us onward.

During 2001 and 2002, we replaced the outer church doors, purchased a copier, installed new carpeting, painted, installed a new sound system, and purchased a piano and a van. The Trustee Ministry continues to assess the needs of our parishioners and to maintain our church property.

The Reverend Kevin Cook joined us in 2003. We are blessed to have him as our current and thirteenth pastor . He will, we pray, lead us to higher heights. Under Reverend Cook’s leadership we are being “Equipped for Transformation by Information” (Ephesians 4:12). Our ministries, especially our music ministry is growing.

In February 2004, we were blessed to begin a new Outreach Ministry via the radio media.

In 2004, the parking lot was expanded and paved and additional lights were installed around the church and in the parking lot.

In 2008, we were blessed with the addition of the church bus.

By the Grace of God, new ministries are still developing. We have Praise Dancers, a Couples Ministry and other ministries are being planned.
Let us continue to look to him who orders our steps and continue to lift up the only one who is worthy and his name is “Jesus”.