Praise Follows the Good News!

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In Luke 2:1 – 20 we have the birth of Jesus Christ and the announcement made to the shepherds in the field.  I want to focus on the announcement the angel made and what took place next.  While the shepherds were in the field watching over their sheep, an angel appeared.  The shepherds were afraid, because the glory of The Lord shone all around them. Think about this, the shepherds were relying on the light from the stars to keep watch over the sheep. Then all of a sudden it became bright as the day, because the glory of The Lord shone all around them. This  caused them to become terrified, because this was something that has never happened to them before. The angel puts them at ease and shares the Good News with them.  They tell them the Messiah had been born in the city of David, wrapped in bands of cloth, and lying in a manger.  Immediately after the Good News was shared, a multitude of heavenly host appeared with the angel and began to praise God. This lets me know that whenever the Good News is shared, praise should immediately follow, because God has already provided the blessing to the world.

How should you respond to the Good News of God? You should take your lead from what took place after the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ. You should be moved to praise The Lord because He has provided the blessing for you!  That is what Christmas is all about; God providing the entire world with the blessing of His son.  Jesus’ birth signifies how much love God has for the world. That is why praise follows the Good News.  So, make it your business to praise God this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!