Stewardship Is About Me

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Whenever we hear the term stewardship, we immediately think money. Stewardship is about our ability to trust God in every aspect of our lives, because we made the decision to surrender to His will. When we make this decision we are willing to honor God through our faith, worship, and service. When you read Psalm 28:7 it starts by saying “The Lord is my strength and my shield”. The writer is letting us know the Lord is the strength of his life. I believe the writer was faced with a situation he thought he was unable to complete. But, the Lord gave him the strength to do it. Also the Lord was his shield, and kept all obstacles at bay. The verse continues with “in Him my heart trusts”. In order to be a steward we have to trust the Lord, and move forward in faith. The verse continues with “so I am helped, and my heart exults”. The Lord has done a great service to the writer by helping him to continue to move forward. In turn, the writer is passing this service on to us through writing this Psalm, alerting the readers the Lord will do the same for them. When you know the only reason you are still here is through the help of the Lord, you have to tell somebody. He will do the same for them! You have to share what He has done, because the joy in your heart will not allow you to keep it to yourself. The verse concludes with the following “and with my song I give thanks to Him”. The writer is letting us know he has no issue with worshiping the Lord, because He is the reason he still has life. As a steward of the Lord, we recognize the Lord is worthy. Therefore, I have to worship Him through how I live my life, because without Him I would not exist.

Stewardship is about how you care, handle, and manage what the Lord has blessed you with. Therefore, before you help someone else you must first appreciate yourself, and continue to grow in your relationship with the Lord. That’s why you must honor the Lord with your faith, worship, and service. When you do, you realize everything I have is a blessing from the Lord. I will not hold back anything, but use everything to honor Him for what He has done for me. Stewardship is about me. Hallelujah!