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In Daniel 3 we have the story of the three Hebrew young men that would not worship the golden statue of the king of Babylon. Everyone  was instructed to bow down once they heard the music. Everyone did as instructed except for these young men. What was the motivation for their defiance? Israel was defeated by Babylon and enslaved because they did not maintain God’s commandments. These young men saw many killed when the babylonians attacked them, and now they are in a foreign land upholding the commandments of God. I forgot to mention all the other Hebrews that were with them bowed down when the music played. What did they owe to God, because He did not protect them from being overtaken by these pagans?  The other Hebrew men were more afraid of an earthly king. These young men were determined to break the cycle of disobedience even if it cost them their lives. They were in this foreign land because a cycle of disobedience to God had become entrenched within their society. So bowing down was not an issue.

Through their obedience to the commandments of God, the three Hebrew boys were saved from the heat of the fiery furnace.

What cycle of disobedience do you have in your life that you need to break? You have been caught in this cycle for a while, because others around you are doing the same thing. It’s time for you to break the cycle, and move forward in the calling God has for you. I want you to remember, you are God’s investment!