I Choose Life

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In 1 Kings 3:16-28 we have the story about two mothers coming to King Solomon arguing over a baby, each  stating the child that is alive is theirs. During the night, one of the mothers suffocated their newborn when she fell asleep on the baby. Once she realized what happened, she switched babies with the other mother in the house. This was the reason why they were before the king arguing, both said the baby was theirs. This created a rather complicated situation for the king. However, he presented them with a solution; cut the child in half. The mother of the baby immediately said to the king please give the baby to the other mother. Where the other mother was in agreement with the king,  she wanted the child cut in half. Based on the response of both women, the king knew the one that chose life for the baby was it’s mother. He then instructed his guards to give the baby to her. You can always tell mothers, because they will always choose life for their child. Even if it will cause them to turn over their child to someone else, she was okay as long as the child is alive. This is a reminder of the sacrifices a mother will make for her child.

Today we take time to celebrate our mothers’ for all the sacrifices they made for us to have opportunities that did not exist for them. They are able to see the potential that exist within us. The love our mothers have given us is only surpassed by the love of God. We are thankful to our mothers because they would always choose life for us. Let me explain, they always make sure we have what we need, even if that meant they would go without. They would endure so many things to ensure we would have opportunities. This is what “I choose life” is all about.

Happy Mother’s Day!