You Have to Push to Grow!

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One of the things that should not be an option for Christians, is to grow. We are to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). The question is:  how can we grow in grace? The definition for grace is God giving us gifts that we don’t deserve.  So, you are telling us, God will increase His giving to us? Absolutely!  When we make the effort to gain more knowledge about Jesus Christ, and apply what we learn to our lives. To gain this knowledge we have to get involved in times of study at Church (Bible study & Sunday school).  Also, we need to read the Bible at home, and take time out to pray.  When we implement these changes in our lives, we will see the growth.  We will come to know, we were not deserving of His grace, and it humbles us. Therefore, when we see how we are being blessed, we immediately begin to give God the glory.  Because, we understand God has made a difference in our lives.
I want you to understand once you begin this process, things will occur to attempt to impede your growth. That’s the time you have to be intentional and focused on wanting to grow. It will seem like every time you get ready to leave for Bible study, something comes up.  When you want to get to Church early to attend Sunday school, something happens.  The interesting thing is before you made this commitment,  you did not have any issues just going to Church.  It’s amazing how things happen, but no matter what-you continue to push your way through.  You are allowing God to do something different with you.  Why, because you are a difference maker.


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