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In Act 9:11-12 Ananias was told by Jesus Christ to go to a street called Straight and pray for Saul of Tarsus.  Ananias was confused because he knew Saul had persecuted followers of Jesus.  Furthermore, his purpose for coming to Damascus is to continue this practice.  All of the above statements were true about Saul, until his encounter with Jesus before he reached Damascus. Saul was blinded by Jesus and the men who were with him took him to a house on Straight street.  I find it interesting that he was taken to a house with this street name.  Prior to being blinded Saul’s life was far from being straight, but through the blindness he was able to see the errors of his life.  While he was blind, Saul was praying and Jesus showed him a man named Ananias would lay hands on him.  He regained his sight after three days and lived the rest of his life going straight for Jesus. 

The reason Ananias had to go to Straight street was to see the power of the Lord. He knew Saul’s history, but his present and future had been changed.  In order for him to know what changes had taken place in Saul, he had to be willing to embrace him as a brother.  In doing this Saul realized his sins had been forgiven, and Ananias learned no matter how low you are, Jesus can still lift you back up. Through this situation both men came to the realization that nothing is impossible for Jesus. That’s why Jesus sent Ananias to Straight street.
Will you go to Straight street? Jesus has something he needs you to do and learn.  Jesus may be sending you to pray for someone who was your enemy, but the Lord is showing you He has change their present and future.  Now he wants you to embrace them as a sibling in the Christian family.  Remember you can do this, because Jesus has called you to be a difference maker!


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