You Are Not Forgotten!

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I wonder how many people in this world feel like no one cares about them. Based on the way they are treated, some may think it doesn’t matter if they live or died, because they have been forgotten. How many people attend church believing they have been forgotten? Initially, they were excited about serving and worshiping, but something happened that made them feel God has forgotten them. I want us all to understand God will never forget us! Then I looked at Genesis 21:1-19, this tells the story about a slave girl and her son. They were dismissed from her master’s house. Abraham gave Hagar and her son bread and water and sent them away. They wandered in the wilderness unable to find food or drink. Once they ran out of food and water, Hagar believed this was it for them. She put her son under a bush and watched from a distance because she did not want him to die in her arms. At this point, she believed God had forgotten them. There are times when it appears our circumstances are getting the best of us, but God will always step in right on time. That’s exactly what He did for Hagar. When she thought the end was near, God provided for them.

Why are you feeling that God has forgotten you, because your circumstances appear to be getting the best of you? You have to take a stand and believe God will never leave or forsaken you, because He loves you. You have to understand, sometimes you have to travel through the valley, but that does not mean you have been forgotten. Sometimes the finances don’t carry you through the month, but that does not mean you have been forgotten. You might be dealing with an illness, but that does not mean you have been forgotten. When you feel there is nothing to hold on to, that’s when God is holding you up. The reason He does this is to let you know you are not forgotten!