I Am Free To Move Forward!

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In John 15:16 (NRSV) it states “You did not chose me but I chose you”, this is what Jesus told his disciples.  He told them this so that they would be free.  I know you need me to elaborate. Jesus had work for His disciples to do and He needed their undivided attention.  By letting them know He chose them, He was saying” I know you”.  Jesus knew their short comings but He also knew the potential they had to do great things.  Jesus chose them not because of what they had done but what they were going to do!  In essence, Jesus was telling them your past has been wiped away and you are getting a fresh start.  Image how his disciples felt hearing Jesus say,  “I chose you”, they knew their past would not be an anchor they would have to drag for the rest of their lives. They now understand: I am free to move forward, and to accomplish the work of The Lord.  Jesus also said in John 15:16,  “I appoint you to go  and bear fruit, fruit that will last”.  The only way they could bear fruit that will last is that they must first know they are free.  Once they understood their position, they could go and help others to be free and teach them to bear fruit as well.