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walkbyfaithThe Christian journey can only be successful when we move forward by faith. In life we will experience obstacles, but how we respond will determine if we will be successful.  It comes down to how the obstacle is viewed. When viewed through the physical, we can be overwhelmed by it and give up.  However, when viewed through faith, we understand that it is not bigger than our God. Today, Broad Rock Baptist Church (BRBC) is celebrating our 120th anniversary.  The only reason why BRBC is still here is because the saints are doing as instructed in 2 Corinthians 5:7 “we walk by faith, not by sight”.   I am not talking about the current saints only,  but those who God touched in 1896 to establish this Church.  What moves the Church forward is the ability of the saints to “walk by faith”.  Faith is the key to unlock the possibilities of what God will do in our lives.  Faith is the lifeline that moves us to go forward, when others think we should give up.  Faith is activated when we decide to move as God instructs us through the Holy Spirit.  When we live a life of faith, we are allowing God to assist in every aspect of our lives.

You have to make the decision to operate in faith in everything you do, because nothing is out of bounds.  God does not want you to be a Christian only on Sunday.  The statement “walk by faith”, does not give a day or time.  You are to do it from the time you wake up, until you fall asleep. You will not be able to experience the awesomeness of God until you “walk by faith”.