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In Luke 24:13-35 we have the story of two disciples that left Jerusalem on Resurrection Sunday afternoon disappointed, because Jesus was crucified.  As they are heading to the town Emmaus, Jesus joins them, but they did not recognize Him. They shared with Him what took place in Jerusalem.  Also, they told Him how some women in their group found the tomb was empty, and saw a vision of angels letting them know – Jesus is alive. What is interesting is that after receiving this information from the women, they still left Jerusalem disappointed. Jesus began to tell them all the things the Messiah had to go through, and it was written by Moses and all the prophets. Once the men got to their town, they invited Jesus to come with them because it was evening. Jesus accepted the invitation and they sat to eat Jesus took the bread, blessed and broke it and they ate. Then their eyes were open, they recognized Jesus, and then He vanished. They were amazed by what took place, and they went back to Jerusalem to share the good news.


I am so thankful that the Lord continues to show us grace and mercy.  Even when we have been presented with the evidence of the Lord working in our current situation many of us will leave. However, the story in Luke is telling us it’s time to go back to the place of our disappointment, because the Lord has blessings waiting there for us.

In your Jerusalem experience, what has devastated you to the point where you can’t even receive the blessing the Lord has placed right in front of you?  That is why the Lord has to speak to you – to the point it causes your heart to burn. This burning sensation will not cause damage – but will inspire you to go back and embrace the blessings the Lord has for you!