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baby-mosesIn Exodus 2:1 – 10 we have the story of the birth of Moses. This is a story of faith and how God can turn a situation around when we put our trust in Him. Before Moses was born, Pharaoh had established an edict to have all male Hebrew children killed. ┬áMoses’s mother hid him until he was three months old to save his life. There is no doubt Moses mother loved him and was willing to place herself in harms ways to protect her child. Now after three months the mother was at a crossroad, if she kept him in the house eventually they would be caught. There was no way she was willing to hand him over to the Egyptians, because they would kill him. So, she made a decision to make a waterproof basket for him, and place it in the reeds on the bank of the river. Some might think if she when through all that to keep him safe for three months why stop now? There comes a time when we have done all we can do, and the situation gets to big for us to handle. That’s when we have to give it to God. When she made the decision to give him to God, God gave her son back to her. We just don’t know how God will work it, but the only way to find out is to give it to God.

What have you been holding on to that has grown out of your control? You are at your own crossroad if you keep it, how will it last? If you give it to God, He will work it together for your good! It’s time for you to step out on faith, trust God and watch what He will do.

Happy Mothers Day!