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UnshakableThe past few weeks have been devastating to our country. We had African American men shot and killed, we had 5 police officers that were killed in Dallas, Texas. Our President wants more gun control in place. The NRA is funding lobbyist at Capitol Hill to stay in the face of politicians to ensure nothing changes. There is a tremendous amount of unrest throughout our country. In essence there is no stability no matter where we look. People are shaken when they are stopped by police, because they are afraid of being shot. Police are shaken based on what happen in Dallas during a peaceful rally. With the appearance of everything shaking all around us, we need to look to The Lord.

In Hebrews 12:28 we are reminded we are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Now is the time for all Christians to be reminded we serve an unshakable God! Since our God is unshakable we need to give Him thanks and worship Him. In our worship, God continues to remind us we have stability in Him, through our savior Jesus Christ. The relationship we have with Jesus is unshakable.
I encourage you to continue to pray for the families of those that have been killed, and also for our nation. We need The Lord to heal the land and bring stability to our nation, because He is unshakable. As you take the time to pray for others The Lord will bring stability to you as well. Therefore, I want you to know you are unshakable through your relationship with Jesus Christ, and share this with somebody today! You are blessed to be a blessing.