Let the Lord In!

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As we journey through life, we all faced situations and circumstances that we were unsuccessful in overcoming.  What we have to do is get assistance from the One who is the creator of all things.  In Psalm 24:1 is says, “The earth is The Lord’s and all that is in it”.  The writer of this Psalm is David.  He wants us to understand when we put our trust in The Lord, He will take care of us.  David knows about this from his own life experiences, from facing the giant to being on the run from his son who tried to take over his kingdom.  David was successful in these situations, because he placed his trust in The Lord.  That’s why he tells us in Psalm 24:7 “Lift up your heads, O gates!”  No matter what we are going through don’t let it keep you down.  The important word in the prior sentence is “keep”, because there are time we all feel down.  David wants us to let the King of glory come in. To keep us from guessing, he lets us know The Lord is the King of glory, and He is strong and mighty in battle. This was key for David to be victorious, because he let The Lord in his life.  He was successful through being empowered by The Lord, because He is strong and mighty in battle.

Let The Lord in your life so that He can do the impossible in you and through you.  You may think you’re not worthy.  Let me let you in on a secret; none of us are worthy.  It is through His grace and mercy that you have the opportunity to have your life changed.  Let The Lord in!