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Jonah Praying in whales belly coloring page

Jonah was instructed by God to go to Nineveh to tell the people about their wickedness.  He felt they did not deserve the opportunity to repent of their sins, so he disobeyed the will of God.  He went the opposite direction and ended up in the belly of a fish.  Jonah had to make a choice, to die in the fish, or pray to God for deliverance. The second option seemed less likely for him to choose because he did not listen to God. Therefore, why would he expect God to listen to him? In Jonah chapter 2 we have the prayer he spoke not knowing whether or not God was listening. In Jonah 2:10 we read how God had the fish spew Jonah onto dry land. This tells me, God is listening.

Are you in a bad situation because you did not listen to God?  Do you find yourself on the verge of drowning in your situation?  You don’t want to pray for deliverance because you don’t think God is listening.  You have to understand God loves you.  There is nothing you can do that will cause God to turn His back on you in your time of need.  Right now God is waiting to hear from you.  It’s time for you to start praying, because God is listening.