No Limits!

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In Colossians 2:6-7, Paul is telling the Christians don’t be satisfied now that you are saved.  This is just the first step.  He wants them to be rooted and built up in Jesus Christ.  In order to be rooted, it will take effort.  They will have to want to learn more about Jesus Christ, and what He desires of His disciples.  Paul understood the principle of how plants grow from the ground. Before you ever see a plant break through the soil, the roots have already begun to spread.  The same ought to be true about us, we should first begin to read and study the bible.  We should make it our business to attend bible study and Sunday school at our church.  This is how we get rooted in The Lord.  Once this takes place, then we begin to grow upward.  This is when we begin to reach out to others and share with them how The Lord can change and impact their lives.   As we are doing this, our faith is growing as well, because we are stepping outside our comfort zone.  This is the way our faith is established and expands  beyond our own imagination.  As we are working for The Lord, we are always thanking and praising Him, because we have been given an opportunity to be a blessing.  We are only able to be a blessing because we realized that we have been blessed!  Paul wanted them to know there are no limits when we are rooted and built up.

The Lord is saying there are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are rooted and built up.  However, it will take effort from you wanting to study the bible. This is how you will learn to withstand the storms of life.  Think about this; during a rough storm you will see many trees sway back and forth.  But, they don’t fall over because they are rooted.  When you come through the storm, you learn it was nobody but The Lord that brought you through. Why?  Because you are rooted, built up, and established in your faith. Now you understand there is no limit on what you can do!