I Know Where I’m Planted!

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In Jeremiah 17:5 – 8 we read about how it’s important to trust in The Lord and not in people.  I know we are holy now and trust in The Lord, but there was a time we didn’t.  In verses 5 and 6 Jeremiah is telling us the danger of putting our trust in people.  When we do this, we are making things of the flesh our strength. This is a problem because the flesh is limited in the amount of strength it has. The analogy Jeremiah uses is a shrub being in the desert and can’t see no relief. When we are in a parched place we become use to the circumstances and can’t see anything else. This is not how The Lord wants us to live!

We are to live a blessed life because we choose to trust The Lord (verse 7). We see this from verse 8, because we choose to be planted by the stream. In essence, Jeremiah is letting us know when we trust in The Lord, He has everything we need.  By being close to the stream the roots of the tree are always receiving the nourishment it needs.  No matter how hot it gets,  the leaves are green.  If there is a drought, the tree does not get anxious and it still bears fruit.

When you live your life trusting The Lord you can say, “I know where I’m planted”.  You know The Lord is with you because you have decided to trust Him. So, when you are going through a rough time, you will not worry or be in despair.  You realize The Lord is the One who has kept you this far and He will continue to see your through.  Why?  Because, I know where I’m planted.