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When The Lord is taking His people to a higher level, there will be obstacles. The purpose of the obstacles are to distract us from what we are called to do. If we allow ourselves to be distracted, we are no longer moving forward.  We know the enemy is the one who is trying to stop us.  This is not new but has been in existence from the beginning.  The first century church had to deal with those that were attempting to stop them from moving forward.  We read in Jude 1:20 that we are to build ourselves up through our faith and prayers.  Jude wanted Christians to focus on their spiritual growth and help others do the same. This is a concept that we need to apply in our lives.  When obstacle come, we tend to give them a lot of attention.  If we are giving obstacles a lot of attention, we are not moving.  Jude is saying when the obstacles come, it’s time to build. When we are building,  we are telling the obstacle it has no authority over us. Therefore, it will not stop us from going forward.

What is The Lord calling you to do, but you are distracted?  The obstacles have your undivided attention and you are not moving forward.  Now, it’s time to build.  You have to let the obstacle know, it has no authority over your life.  The Lord is the head of your life, so build up your faith and prayer life.