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Everyone deals with this; how do we get up after we have fallen?  All too often Christian’s act like they have never fallen.  When we take this stand, it is more harmful than helpful. Let me explain. When people who are lost come and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, it is a time of rejoicing. However, as they start their Christian journey; they will eventually fall. When this happens, they want to talk with someone in the Church but they are embarrassed.  When they look at the people, they appear faultless. We know this is not true, but the perception of the one that has fallen is what matters. It is important for Christians to share what God has done for us, and to let it be known that since you have been a Christian you have fallen.   Through confessing your sin to God once you have fallen, His grace and mercy come in and you were able to get up!

I believe this is a struggle for many fathers. They want to be a part of the lives of their children, but they have fallen and don’t know how to get up. They may have been married to the mother of their children and have gone through a nasty divorce.  Now, they don’t know how to reconnect with their children because everything that went wrong was their fault. Therefore, many keep their distance and their relationship with the children suffers.  Some have fathered a child outside of wedlock and have not been able to maintain a consistent relationship with the child or children. Whatever the issue, things have fallen apart.

If this is you, now is the time for you to get up.  First, share with The Lord about what caused you to fall and let Him know you are ready to get up.  Once you do this, The Lord will transform you and tell you to get up. You may be thinking you don’t know how many times I have fallen, you are right. It is stated in Proverbs 24:16 “For though they fall seven times, they will rise again.” The focus is not on how many times you fall, but are you willing to get up and go forward.

To all our fathers, I want you to have a blessed day. Happy Father’s Day!!!!