You Are Not Left Out

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The same is true for you. You might not be there when the Lord does a great thing, but that does not mean you are left out. Just keep serving Him and you will see Him do great things before your very eyes. I want you to know, you are not left out! Continue to walk in your blessings.

It’s interesting when you had a blessed service, and you call a member that was not in attendance. You shared how the Lord blessed all that took place in the service and during the invitation, some came forward to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Before you can finish, they interrupt you and say it could not have been all that. When I was there last week the service was nothing like you described, and nobody came forward during the invitation. This is similar to what happened in John 20:24-29.  While Thomas was gone, Jesus Christ came and left before he came back. When Thomas arrived the other disciples shared with him what took place and he did not believe them. Why? Because he was left out and was feeling bitter that Jesus Christ came without him being present. I believe this was the reason Thomas responded to the other disciples, by being sarcastic. This was a man speaking from a place of disappointment. He responded like this, because he could not imagine Jesus coming without him being there. He begins to question himself: what he did wrong for the Lord to leave him out? This is what I love about our Savior, He could have left Thomas out because of how he responded. However, Jesus showed Thomas grace and mercy. When Jesus appeared again to the disciples, Thomas was there.  Jesus said “peace be with you”. This is what Thomas did not have, and Jesus was bringing him peace. Then He tells Thomas to touch His hands and side, but he doesn’t do it. Thomas understands, he was not left out and says “My Lord and my God!” He knows without a shadow of a doubt the Lord loves me!