The Lord Will Build You Up

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In John 21:15-19, we have the dialog Jesus had with Peter to build him up. There is no doubt Peter was excited that Jesus Christ was resurrected, and was spending time with them. However, Peter was broken and was trying his best not to allow anyone to see it.  He was putting up a false front and was doing his best to hide behind it. The other disciples didn’t know how broken he was.  Peter stated in John 13:37,  “I will lay down my life for you”.  Jesus told Peter “before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.” The statement Peter made was not bad, but he did it in the midst of the other disciples. It appeared he was trying to stand out from the others, which would cause them to be divided. The night they took Jesus, Peter followed from a distance. Three different times people asked him if he was a follower of Jesus, and he denied knowing Him every time. After Peter denied Jesus the third time,  the cock crowed and he remembered what was said.

 That was why he was broken and was putting up a false front. Jesus asked him three times “do you love me?” This was done in the presence of all the disciples. This was not done to humiliate Peter but to build him up, and the other disciples as well. Anything that would cause the disciples to be divided had to be removed, so they would do as instructed by the Lord with no distractions. After Jesus built Peter back up, He said to him “follow me”. This statement was Peter’s new beginning because he now knows the Lord never stopped loving him. From this encounter Peter was built up, and able to go forward anointed and empowered by Jesus Christ.

What are you hiding behind, because you have failed? The Lord does not want you to hide behind a false front because you will not be able to help yourself or anybody else. When the Lord confronts you, it’s for the  purpose of building you up. Also, when Jesus talks to you, He will call you by name without any titles associated with it. Why? He wants to get your attention, and have you remember how your relationship started. The Lord will build you up. Hallelujah! Continue to walk in your blessings.