It Will Rise

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There are a number of Christians that have spiritual gifts lying dormant because they are focusing on their own faults. In doing so, they are stopping blessings from flowing through their lives. The reason for this is they feel unworthy, due to the mistakes they made prior. Others feel incapable, because they think they don’t have what it takes. The list can go on for reasons why spiritual gifts lie dormant in the lives of Christians. I am so glad that we serve a God, who will not give up on us. We need to know Jesus came to touch that which is dormant in our lives, so it will rise.

 In Matthew 28:1-10, two women are going to the tomb where they buriedJesus to pay their final respects. They had spiritual gifts within them that were dormant, and the only one that could cause them to rise is Jesus Christ. But first, He had to be resurrected. This is significant because He had to overcome the final enemy; death. Jesus had to demonstrate to us nothing is too hard for our God, and nothing can keep Him down. I am so thankful, we have a Savior that teaches us through His actions. He did everything clothed in the same flesh and blood as we have. 

When the angel told Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to go quickly and to  tell His disciples He has been raised from the dead; they did. But, fear was creeping in making them think the disciples will not receive their testimony. That’s when Jesus showed up and said one word, “Greetings!” Once they saw Him, they fell at His feet and began to worship Him. While they worshipped Him, they were holding His feet. To say we are connected to You, because You have revealed Yourself to us. Isn’t this the same reason we worship the Lord today?  He has revealed Himself to us and we connect with Him spiritually through our worship. When this connection happened with the ladies and Jesus, He encouraged  and instructed them. Once this happened, that which was dormant in them began to rise and all their fears were removed and they did as instructed. 

This is what makes Resurrection Sunday special, because it reminds us of the power and authority of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Take time today to worship and connect with Him, and that which is dormant in your life will begin to rise. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, and continue to walk in your blessings!