You Are In A Blessed Place

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Have you ever been somewhere and found yourself  complaining, because you did not want to be there? However, while you were there before you realized it, you were providing ministry to others. You came to understand there was a purpose for you to be there.

 In Luke 2:1-7 we have the birth of Jesus Christ, in a place where his mother Mary did not expect. Think about this Mary was told she found favor with God, and was chosen to be the mother of the Messiah. The road for Mary was not easy, because once she told Joseph she was pregnant, he was going to divorce her. Then the Lord revealed to him in a dream through an angel, Mary was telling him the truth. He came back and told Mary, we are still getting married. After going through that situation Mary was relieved, and felt we can now get settled in Nazareth. Then in her ninth month of pregnancy, they have to travel roughly eighty miles to Bethlehem to be registered. Once they arrive the town is filled with people, and no housing was available. They ended up in a stable where the animals were kept, and she goes into labor in this place. Right now she is not feeling favored by God, because of where she is located. Mary and Joseph did not know they were in a blessed place, and this place was going to be a blessing to others. Why, because Jesus Christ was wrapped in cloths and laying in the manger. He is the precious gift, the savior of the world, and wherever Jesus Christ is, that’s a blessed place! 

Once you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He will come into your life and dwell with you. Now you can look in the mirror and say this is a blessed place. You are going to be amazed with the things you are now capable of doing. There was a time you thought you were good for nothing. Because, your life was just like that stable He was born in, a dark and smelly place. However, Jesus was born there and changed the entire atmosphere. That stable had become a blessed place because the Savior of the world was lying in a manger. 

When you wake up on Christmas morning realize how blessed you are, because of what Jesus has done in your life. Be blessed and have a Merry Christmas!