Thank You, Is More Than Words

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When someone holds a door open for you, the proper response is thank you. The purpose for this response is to let the person know, you appreciate them extending themselves for you. However, as a Christian your thank you to Jesus should be more than words. In John 12:1-8, Mary took expensive perfume and anointed Jesus feet, and  wiped them with her hair. The entire house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume, and Judas felt this was a waste of expensive perfume. Why did Mary do this? Her brother Lazarus had become ill, and Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that His friend was sick. They were expecting Jesus to come and heal their brother, but he died before Jesus arrived. Once Jesus came, He raised Lazarus from the dead, and I know his two sisters could not stop thanking Him. When they had Jesus over for dinner, I believe Mary needed to express her love and appreciation. That’s why she took this expensive perfume and anointed His feet, and wiped it with her hair. To let Jesus know I’m offering the best I have to you, because you have done a great thing for my family. Through her actions, the fragrance of the perfume filled the house to let all who were present know how much she loved Jesus. 

The reason you offer the best you have to the Lord is because He offers the best to bless you. This is what motivates you to worship Him, and this is why you know thank you is more than words. When there is a Judas around stating all of this is not needed. The Lord will come to your defense, and tell them to leave you alone. For a Christian, thank you is more than words. Hallelujah!