I’m Trusting You

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In Matthew 1:18-25, is the story where Mary shares with Joseph, that she was with child through the Holy Spirit. This was truly a hard pill for Joseph to swallow, because this has never occurred before. Throughout the Old Testament there was never a situation where this had taken place. Therefore, Joseph believed this was impossible, and that Mary was not being truthful with him. He had decided to call off the wedding and not expose Mary’s sin. However, the Lord had already chosen Joseph. That night an angel of the Lord confirmed Mary’s story, and told him to take her as his wife. What excites me about this story is how the Lord, would not allow Joseph to make the wrong choice. Also, to let him know the Lord was calling him to be Jesus’s earthly father. The Lord was letting him know, I’m trusting you with a precious gift. When he woke up, he notified Mary the wedding was back on. I can see Mary and Joseph rejoicing together, because they both realize the Lord was trusting them with a precious gift. 

This precious gift came to save us and allow us to have eternal life. This precious gift came to show us how to live a life, that is pleasing in the sight of the Lord. This precious gift came to rebuild the bridge, for us to be able to come into the presence of the Lord. This precious gift came to let us know we are loved by our Heavenly Father. Now that we have received this precious gift, how are we handling it? The Lord is trusting us to utilize this gift to His glory and honor. Which tells me the Lord believes He can trust us. Be blessed indeed!