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When we come together and worship God, what do we expect to happen? We expect to be moved by the songs the choir will sing. We expect to hear someone shout Hallelujah and clap their hands. We expect someone to be moved to tears as they are worshipping the Lord. We expect the preached word to help us with our daily living. When these things occur, we believe the Holy Spirit is moving in our worship service. It’s good that all of these things are happening within the worship service. However, what makes this all possible is when we come together on one accord. In essence, when we come to worship the Lord, we all have the same primary agenda. That is to allow the will of God to be done in our midst. When we take this approach we allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely through all in attendance. There is no question God wants to bless His people, but He will not force Himself upon us. We have to be willing to open ourselves up and allow Him to come in. When we do, expect God to do a great work in and through us.

This is exactly what happened in Acts 2:1-13. In chapter one of Acts, Jesus instructed His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they stayed in Jerusalem and would come together in one place to worship the Lord. This is called active waiting because they were taking the initiative to worship the Lord prior to receiving the promise from God the Father. On the day of Pentecost, when they were all together they felt a rushing wind filling the room. Then divided tongues like fire fell upon all in the room, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Saints, the Lord will always make His presence known among His people. When the Lord shows up,  there is a purpose He has for His people. Once they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they began to speak in other languages. The Holy Spirit made this possible, for the sole purpose of reaching the devout Jews that were in Jerusalem. Many of them were from other nations, but they were in Jerusalem at the right time. The Lord wanted them all to hear about His deeds of power, in their native tongue. By hearing these words in their own language would remove the possibility of misunderstanding God’s deeds of power. In order to change the lives of the hearers, God had to meet them where they were, to get them to where they needed to be. The hearers were amazed in hearing these Galileans speaking in their native tongues because they were considered to be common people. However, this is an example of how God can use whomever He chooses. These Galileans were equipped to serve the Lord. 

Saints, Pentecost was the beginning of the Holy Spirit anointing the lives of those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It was true then and still true today, we have been anointed with the Holy Spirit to move forward to assist and empower people. In essence, you have been equipped to serve the Lord. Now, help people to know there is someone who is willing to meet them in their struggles. His name is Jesus Christ! Continue to walk in your blessings.