There are a number of people that can explain how to do things, but how
many of them are living according to their words? They are successful
because they are able to captivate people through their vocabulary. People
are in awe of them as the words just roll off their tongues. This may work in
some settings, but when it comes to serving the Lord it should be more
than that. This was one of the problems Paul was addressing in his letter to
the Corinthians. There were some that had become arrogant, based on
their ability to captivate the people with their words. These were people that
were still babes in Christ and were easily influenced, and Paul knew this
problem had to be dealt with immediately.
In 1 Corinthians 4:20, Paul gave them the foundational principle of the
kingdom of God. He told them, “For the Kingdom of God depends not on
talk but on power.” What is the purpose of the Kingdom of God? Paul
wanted them to know the Kingdom of God is to be established on “earth as
it is in Heaven.” This is a quote from Matthew 6:10, a portion of
the model prayer Jesus shared with His disciples. Jesus came to show us
how to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. These disciples were
chosen by Jesus so that they could see the power of the Kingdom of God
through His only begotten Son. They would see the power of God in His
Son, through all the works He would do on earth. The disciples were
commissioned by Jesus Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.
Not by talking about it, but through living in a manner that would allow the
power of God to work through them. When this happens, people are able to
see the evidence through actions and this causes them to raise questions.
That’s when the Word is shared to explain the actions causing people to
come asking what must I do to be saved. However, this was not
happening in Corinth. Some were talking about it, but they did not have the
evidence to show the kingdom of God was present. This is why Paul made
this statement and was eager to come back to Corinth.
What about you, are you more concerned with people listening to you talk?
The key is to live what you believe. As you do, the power of God will work
through you, and allow people to see the kingdom of God. They will see the
evidence of the kingdom of God and will ask you questions. Then you will
speak of the power of God that is present before them. The power of
The Kingdom of God is present through believers that live according to His word.

In essence, the power is released through your actions. This is only
possible when you move forward in faith. Continue to walk in to your blessings.