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Have you ever been frustrated with someone who would not follow instructions? You took time to give them instructions that would improve their quality of life but they ignored it. Through ignoring your instructions, their quality of life for them continued spiraling down.

In Judges 4:1-10 we have a situation where Barak was given instructions from prophetess Deborah to fight against the army of King Jabin of Canaan, and The Lord would give him the victory. Barak struggled to believe Deborah, because he stated, he would not go into battle unless she came with him. The reality of this encounter was that Barak was focusing on the messenger rather than on the message. We know this because he would not go into battle unless she came with him. He wanted to know if she believed the instructions from The Lord. The only way to know for sure in his mind was if she came with him. In essence Barak was only willing to believe what he could see and was not willing to step out on faith. Since he was not willing to believe, The Lord’s instructions, the glory he would have received was going to a woman. I believe Barak wanted a better quality of life for himself and all Israel but his faith had limits.

Are you struggling with the instructions The Lord has for you? I want you to realize the purpose of the instructions are to improve your quality of life, and for those you come in contact with. The way to get through the struggle is to remove the limits of your faith. There is so much The Lord wants to do through you, but the limits of your faith is the obstacle. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and say “no limits”! Be blessed.