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In Luke 15:11-24 We have the story of the prodigal son. Within the story we see a son that wants his inheritance now. We also see a father who does not resist the request of his son, but gives it without asking any questions. Once the son receives his inheritance he leaves and goes to a foreign land, and squandered everything. As this happens there is a famine in the land, and the son has nothing to live off. He ends up hiring himself out to a man, who has him go into the field to feed his pigs. The son is so hungry, he is considering eating the food for the pigs. Then something happens, he realizes his father’s servants are living better than he is right now. He now wants to go back home, but feels he’s not worthy to be a son to his father. He convinces himself to tell his father I’m not worthy to be your son, because I have sinned against heaven and before you. When he returns home the father sees him from a distance and runs to his son, hugs and kisses him. Then the son tells him he’s not worthy to be his son, the father ignores what he says. Then tell his servant to bring the best robe and put it on him, then places a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. They have a celebration, because his son was dead and now alive, was lost and now found.

Within this story the son is selfish and stubborn. Selfish, because he wants his inheritance now so that he can leave, and go where he thinks life will be better for him. Also, once he looses everything he is to stubborn to admit his sin, and goes to work in a field to feed pigs. Pigs are considered to be unclean animals to Jews, therefore the son should not have accepted this job. He did because he was being stubborn, until hunger kicked in and he knew where he could receive food.

We see the emotional rollercoaster the son went through. However the Father never changed how he saw his son, because he always will have value to him. That’s why when he saw his son from a distance, he ran to embrace him to let him know he is welcome home. Then he hugged and kissed him, had the best robe put on him, with a ring and sandals. This was the father’s way of showing his son you still have value.

Jesus told this story to illustrate how you are a child of God and have not lost your value. Yes, there were times you were selfish, and other times you were stubborn. But our Heavenly Father sees your value. It’s time for you to come back to Him, and He will let you know you still have value! Be blessed.