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The one thing some people are afraid of is being alone. When my children were young and it was bedtime when I turned the light off in their bedroom, within 5 minutes they would call for me. I would lay on the floor next to them until they fell asleep. It did not take them long to fall asleep because of my presence in the room.

In Matthew 18:19-20 Jesus is letting us know “for where two or three gather in My name, I am there among them”. Jesus wants us to know if we come together in His name we are not alone. This scripture is telling us the importance of the people of God being in agreement when we come together. I want to take it a step further, once you accepted Jesus as your Savior, His presence is always with you. Have you ever felt overwhelmed in a situation, but when you took a moment to pray you felt a peace come over you? Why, because His presence gave it to you. This is why we say “thank you for your presence”!

I want you to know as a Christian you are not alone, His presence is with you always. The purpose of His presence is to keep you at peace, and understand you have value to Jesus. No matter where you are His presence is with you guiding you every step of the way. Protecting you from danger seen and unseen, because He loves you. That’s why you have to say “thank you for Your presence”. Hallelujah!