What Have You Heard?

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In Romans 10:17 , Paul talks about how we can to grow in our faith. In one verse we are
given insight about how our faith is established, and then grows within us. The first step
in the process is reviewing: What have you heard? The word heard is past tense for
hearing, in essence it has already happened. Now, How are you going to respond to
what you have heard? You can dismiss what you heard, because you don’t see any
benefits. Or, you can begin to ponder on it for a few minutes and then move on. Paul is
suggesting that you take what you heard into your heart and embrace it. This is how you
begin your spiritual journey of faith, knowing you can’t see it but you can’t let it go. What
you heard causes you to examine yourself and see the struggles and disappointments.
These are the things that caused you to make decisions, which created all the mess you
have in your life. What you have heard is giving you an opportunity to begin the process
of cleaning up your mess. You thought the mess would always be there because you
have tried to clean it, but it never worked. What you heard has given you the framework
to have the mess cleaned but for this to happen you have to initiate faith into your life.
Faith is initiated by you accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This is when
the transition begins and you move forward by faith.

What you heard was Jesus Christ speaking to you, because He is the Word that came
to dwell with you. As you reflect, think about what you heard and how it touched your
heart. This is something that has not happened to you before, these Words were
speaking directly to you and your situation. It was almost frightening because what you
heard is exactly what you were going through. You were experiencing the power of God
moving in you and showing you change is possible.
However, the change can only happen when you step out in faith. Now you are ready to
move forward and allow the Lord to change your life. In moving forward in faith, you are
seeing how the Lord is transforming your life. The mess you made of your life is being
cleaned up, because you have stepped out in faith. Once the mess is cleaned up, then
the Lord begins to grow you in leaps and bounds. That which you thought could never
happen, you are now doing.

Paul wrote this verse because this is exactly what the Lord did in his life, when he
stepped out in faith. It is no different for us today. The process the Lord uses has not
changed, because it’s timeless. Sin has broken you and made a mess of your life.
However, once you heard the Word of God speak to you, you stepped out in faith. Your
life has now been transformed, and the Lord is growing you through your faith. This has
happened because of what you heard. Continue to walk in your blessings!