It Will Be Stilled

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Imagine seeing several boats at sea struggling to remain afloat, because the raging waves are trying to topple them. Each boat is doing what it can to continue to move forward; but, no matter what they do nothing is working. You can hear some of the people on their boats talking about what they need to do to stay afloat. On a few boats, you can hear people calling out to the Lord for help, because their boats are taking on water. The water is coming into the boat faster than they can get it out, and they are beginning to sink. These individuals have come to the conclusion they are incapable of resolving this issue by themselves, that’s why they are calling on the Lord for help. Then all of a sudden the waves are stilled for them, through the power of God. Individuals who looked to the Lord for help are able to move forward because the waves have been stilled. This is what life is like for many going through this pandemic, everything that is going on around them seems to be chaotic. They have come to the conclusion that the Lord is the only One who can help. We have a vaccine, but many are refusing to take it. People are asked to wear masks indoors, but they don’t want to do that either. Some are holding to the premise that this virus is not real, but people are getting sick and some have died. These are individuals that have made the decision to ignore the truth. 

In Psalm 89:5-9, the psalmist is sharing a few things we need to grasp. Within these verses, we have to worship the Lord, because He has been faithful. Also, the psalmist points out there is none greater and as awesome as our God because He rules everything in the world. Saints, the psalmist wants you to know there is help to get you through, but are you looking to the Lord for guidance? If your answer is yes, then you have made the decision to worship the Lord in spite of all that is going on around you. Your worship signifies that the Lord is worthy because He has been faithful. Therefore; no matter what is happening, nothing is going to block you from praising His Holy Name. What also triggers our praise, is knowing that there is none greater than the Lord. You have been in some situations where you thought it was over, but the greatness of the Lord showed up right on time. What He did was absolutely awesome. This is the reason why nothing will block your praise because it will be stilled! 

This pandemic is like waves raging all around us, trying to stop us from moving forward. You have to remember the Lord rules over everything in the world, and when you call on Him, great and awesome things will happen. The virus will be stilled, and it will not hinder you in doing the will of the Lord. You have to make it your business to keep your attention on the One that has brought you this far. Thank you, Lord! Continue to walk in your blessings.