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There is something we need to address:  What causes a number of people to feel restricted? What I’m talking about is how fear of others will determine what we do. When we allow others to dictate how we function, immediately we have limitations. Why, because there are imaginary boundaries that are in place. These boundaries will have us focusing on what not to do because we have a fear of others. Think about this, Abraham was a man that stepped out on faith and left his homeland to do the will of God. But, when he was confronted by a king, he told him Sarah was his sister and not his wife. He did this out of fear. Thinking the king would kill him if he knew Sarah was his wife. It’s easy to point out where Abraham fell short, but what about us? Are we allowing what we do to be restricted out of fear of others, or are we being led by the Lord?

In Proverbs 29:25, we have two words that are extreme opposites, but we use one of them to motivate us in what we do. Those two words are fear and trust. The writer wants us to know if we are motivated by fear, then we are allowing others to determine what we are doing. When we are moving in fear of others, then we are not able to allow the Lord to bless us. In order for us to experience the power of the Lord we have to move forward putting our trust in Him. In functioning in this manner we have no restrictions, and what we are able to accomplish becomes limitless. There is another piece to this puzzle we need to unravel to understand why some choose fear and others use  trust. Some people are concerned with being trapped by others if they are not pleased with what they are doing. As the people of the Lord, we trust the Lord, because we are secured by Him. So, we are not focused on what people think, or concerned about the traps they will try to set. We know, the Lord will take care of us. 

What is restricting your effectiveness in Ministry? Are you allowing people to guide you, or the Lord? The key is what are you concerned about? Is it on what people will say about you, or thanking the Lord for using you? I want you to place your trust in the Lord because He will take care of you. Continue to walk in your blessings!