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As we step into this new year, there are some things we need to leave behind. Why, because they are impeding our ability to move forward. The things I’m talking about are liabilities. Liabilities are the things in your life that are pulling you and causing you to feel frustrated, angry, and depressed. You are feeling this way because liabilities take from you. However, Jesus came to bring you assets, and here are a few, joy, peace, love, and self-esteem. Jesus understood what was happening to us, and He knew things had to change in our lives. The Lord needed to get our attention and the only way that was going to happen was by Him showing us our liabilities. And letting us know the foundation of our liabilities is sin, and its purpose is to keep us down. Once the problem is identified, Jesus was giving us the answer to removing them from our lives. Now we have to make the decision to remain with our liabilities or embrace the assets the Lord has for us. 

In 2 Corinthians 5:17, Paul we letting them know about assets and liabilities. When you are in Christ you gain all the assets that will make you into a new creation. This is the purpose of receiving Jesus Christ into your life because you have so much to gain. When you have the assets from Jesus Christ, then you will be able to prosper in your life. In essence, you will be successful in what you have been called to do. Why, because the Lord has supplied you will all the assets that you need to be successful. You have to remember the Lord came to set you up for success. The only thing that is holding you back is your liabilities. Paul tells us in this verse everything old has passed away. You have to let go of the liabilities because they no longer have a place in your life. You have to place your full attention on the assets, which are all the new things in your life. These are the things you gained, that will move you forward in ministry. They will allow you to flourish as you move forward by touching lives, and the Lord will get all the glory. Because you will make it a point to let it be known all these assets have come from the Lord. Therefore, when you say I’m a new creation, you are letting everyone know, I’m an asset to the Lord. 

How do you see yourself, are you a liability or an asset? If you see yourself as a liability, you don’t have to remain one. You have come to understand there is another option. You have to come to the Lord believing, He can turn your life around. How, by removing the liabilities in your life, and replacing them with His assets. This is how you become a new creation in Christ, and everything old has passed away. Now, you will live your life for Jesus Christ, and let everyone know, I’m an asset to the Lord. Continue to walk in your blessings!