Don’t Wait Till Morning

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When we look at what is happening in our country with the impact of Covid19. It has brought pain and sorrow to a number of families, it has caused a number of businesses to file bankruptcy. It has crippled the economy to the point, where many states are rushing to reopen, expecting this to get them back on track. However, the reality is we don’t have a cure, or vaccine to protect people. Opening too soon can cause another widespread impact and if this happens, it will cause more families to weep. 

In Psalm 30:4-5, the writer is encouraging the readers “to sing praises and give thanks to His Holy Name” in verse 4. Then in verse 5 we are told “weeping may linger for a night, but Joy comes with the morning”. The one thing that is unavoidable in this life is having sorrow, but how you deal with it is the key. Sorrow causes all of us to weep, and I want you to know weeping is not a bad thing. It allows you to release the tension that is built up due to the sorrow. In the midst of the sorrow there is something else you have to fight through to do, and that is praise the Lord. When you are able to praise the Lord during your sorrow, it allows the darkness that has overcome you to begin to be lifted. That’s why it’s important for you not to wait until you see the morning light to start praising God. Your praise should not be silent until you see the light. There are times the Lord is waiting on us to give Him praise before the light comes. 

Think about this, the sorrow that is causing you to weep, could be lifted when you make the determination to praise the Lord with tears flowing down your face. Sometimes you find yourself asking the Lord how much longer, before this sorrow will end. The Lord is saying to you, when will you raise your hands, give thanks, and sing your praises to Me. I don’t want you to wait till morning before you give the Lord praise! Continue to walk in your blessings.