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One of the things the Israelites struggled with once they were delivered from slavery was knowing how to walk erect. When they were slaves, their posture was submissive because they never wanted to appear confident or in charge. Therefore, they walked bent over slightly and never made eye contact with their slave masters. They did not want to do anything that would place them in danger of being beaten or killed. For over four hundred years this is what they did to survive. This is what made Moses unique, he did not know what it was like to be a slave. Also, when he came to talk with Pharaoh, he walked erect and spoke with confidence. This was not the posture  Israelites took if they had an audience with Pharaoh. 

In Leviticus 26:13, we see how the Lord reminded the Israelites of how He broke the chains of slavery for them. Also, how He made them walk erect. The posture we take when we walk tells a lot about us. You can look at how some people walk slumped over, and they appear to be defeated. While others have the appearance of being confident because they are walking erect. The Lord was teaching the Israelites the importance of their posture. They needed to be walking erect with their heads held high because they are the people of the Lord. Therefore, when any nation sees them, it will be evident these are the people of the Lord. Why, because they serve the Lord who is mighty in battle and will be with them at all times. They know the Lord is providing, maintaining, and sustaining them through all situations they will face. This is why they can walk erect, knowing the Lord made it possible. 

What is your posture when you are walking? Do you walk slumped over and have the appearance of being defeated? Is the pandemic the reason you are feeling defeated? Let me help you, Jesus came to give you victory. Once you accepted Him as your Savior, the bondage of sin over your life has been broken. Therefore, you can walk erect with your head lifted up, knowing the Lord made it possible. Remember everything you are able to do the Lord made it possible. So, it’s time for you to rise up and move forward doing what the Lord made possible. This pandemic is trying to bind you, but it can’t stop you from doing what the Lord made possible. Why, because victory is yours! Continue to walk in your blessings.