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God Will Turn It Around – Northwest Church of God

The hardest thing to do is to get the attention of people that are broken. We can become broken by the situations in our lives. All of us have experienced disappointments, but if we allow them to linger in our lives they can begin to weigh us down. When the weight gets too heavy for us to carry, that’s when it can break us. One of the things that can break us is the cruelty of others. When others treat us as though we are insignificant and do not respect us, It can be frustrating. This can make you think that you don’t have the strength or ability to overcome what they are doing to us. Another thing that can break us is when it appears the negativity in our lives does not change. This was the condition the Israelites were in when the Lord sent Moses to free them. After his initial meeting with the elders of Israel, he shared the Lord sent him to free them from the Egyptians. They were probably skeptical but wanted to believe him. 

After Moses first met with Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, Pharaoh said they would have to gather straw to make the bricks themselves. The Egyptians would no longer provide it, and their quantity of bricks would remain the same. This took what little hope the Israelites had and cause them to have a broken spirit. By Moses confronting Pharaoh, A bad situation became worse as their workload increased. In Exodus 6:1-9, the Lord gave a message of assured deliverance to Moses to share with the Israelites. However, they did not listen to a word he said, because they were broken in spirit, and the cruelty they were facing being enslaved. These people had been in bondage for over four hundred years, and they did not see the possibility of their situation changing. What does it mean to have a broken spirit? You start to question your belief in the Lord because your situations in life don’t appear to be improving. It feels like everything in your life is spiraling downward and nothing seems to be working in your favor. This causes you to wonder, does the Lord care about me? This is how the Israelites were feeling, and that’s why they had a broken spirit. 

It’s easy to blame the Lord when things aren’t going well but you have to remember, He is keeping you here for a reason. You have to know what the Lord is capable of doing, so place your trust in Him even when it appears things aren’t getting better. You serve a God that has brought you this far and will bring you through. In due time the Lord is going to turn it around. It’s time for you to cast all your cares on the Lord and He will provide. Yes, you have a broken spirit, but by you sharing it all with Him, healing will start to happen in your life. And before you know it, everything will begin to work together for your good. Why, because the Lord has turned it around! Continue to walk in your blessings.