The Lord is My Shepherd-Part 1

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The 23rd Psalm is a popular scripture, and it is often read at home-going services. The writer of this Psalm has been identified as King David. David was the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse and had the responsibility of watching over his father’s sheep. In writing this Psalm, David understood what it took to be a good shepherd and he knew how sheep would act. The astonishing thing that happened to David is that he realized the Lord is my Shepherd. Without the Lord guiding him, he would not have been able to make it. This Psalm is shared with us from the perspective of the sheep. In this blog, we will deal with the first three verses of this Psalm and complete the remaining verses next week. In verse one, David makes it clear the Lord is in charge of his life. Without the Lord’s guidance, there is no way he would have been able to make it through all the ups and downs in his life. This is why he identifies the Lord as his shepherd because sheep left unattended will not be able to survive. The responsibility of the shepherd is to make sure the sheep have everything they need to thrive. When sheep have all they need then there is no need for them to wander from the shepherd. Also, they have a shepherd that provides for their every need, so they are not wanting for anything. David knew people are like sheep, if left unattended they will make bad decisions that can lead to their destruction. That’s why the Lord supplies all of our needs according to His riches and glory. This causes us to understand there is no need for us to look to anyone, but the Lord for everything we need. Now that the relationship has been established, David begins to identify some of the specific things the Lord has done for us. 

In verse two he writes, “He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters.” The hardest thing to do is to make a sheep lie down because it’s a timid animal and is frightened very easily. In order for this to happen the sheep have to trust the shepherd to keep it secure. Also, the purpose is for the sheep to graze in the green pastures, which the shepherd provides for it. The shepherd wants the sheep to be at peace once it begins to graze on the green pastures. Knowing the best has been provided for the sheep, and is only enjoyed when it feels secure. After grazing in the green pastures, the shepherd leads the sheep beside still waters to drink. The still waters signify the peaceful atmosphere, and all trouble is kept away. Allowing the sheep to drink the clean water without fearing an attack from a predator. The Lord does the same for you, by providing the essentials in your life. Also, you are able to lie down at night and sleep in peace knowing you are secure in His arms. 

In verse three he writes, “He restores my soul. He leads me on the right paths for His name’s sake.” During the winter months, the sheep’s hair grows and becomes heavy, and there are times when it’s laying down it is unable to get up on its own. This causes the sheep to be in distress because it’s most vulnerable to predators. This is when the shepherd has to come to the aid of the sheep, to restore it back on its feet. There are times we are weighed down by our mistakes and are vulnerable to the enemy. You are saved during this time because you called out to the Lord to forgive and help you. This is how you are restored. Then you follow the Lord and He leads you in the right direction for your life. In doing this others will be able to see the blessings of the Lord in your life. There is no question the Lord is your shepherd. Continue to walk in your blessings!