I Have Been Accepted

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Last week we learned that wherever Jesus Christ is, that place is blessed. The question is answered in Luke 2:8-20; why was Jesus born in a stable and laid in a manger. Jesus’s location needed to be available to everyone. 

The first to receive the news of His birth was the shepherds. Why would they be first? In the Jewish community they were tolerated, because they were unable to abide by all the cleansing rituals. Taking care of the sheep was a full-time job, that did not leave them time to do much of anything else. Therefore, within the Jewish community they were considered to be last. These individuals were considered to be last, but God made them first to receive the Good News of the birth of the Messiah. They were informed by an angel, where they could find the Messiah. Then a heavenly choir appeared singing praises to the Lord. Why did God go to great length to reach the least of the community? Because we are all equal in the sight of God, we try to determine who should be first and last. However, God is not bound by how we categorize one another. God sent them to a blessed place, where they would not be judged or told they are not dressed properly.  This is why Jesus was in the stable, an open area to allow all to come to where He is. No one would be turned away, and through seeing Him, their lives would no longer be the same! 

These shepherds made the decision to go see the Messiah born in Bethlehem. It would be easy for them to stay where they are, because of the need to protect the sheep. They were so excited about the opportunity to see the Messiah, nothing was going to be an obstacle to block their blessing. Remember, if the Lord tells you to go, He will take care of everything. Once they found Jesus Christ they began to rejoice, because God was letting them know, they have value. They were the first to get the message. However, they could not keep it to themselves, everyone that was within an ear shot of them heard the good news. 

Also, this was to let Mary and Joseph know they were in a blessed place. You know your in a blessed place, because people are drawn to where you are. Once they are there, they will begin to rejoice. They are rejoicing, because they have been accepted into the presence of the Lord.