Speak With Conviction

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From the beginning of the pandemic, we have been given a lot of
information. We know the number of people that have been infected,
hospitals running low on beds, and the number of people taken from us due
to Covid-19. Receiving this information constantly has caused us to focus
on the problem. When we focus on the problem, we can lose sight of the

In Matthew 17:14-18, a man brought his son to the disciples to be cured but
they couldn’t. Then he brought his son to Jesus and he was healed. In
Matthew 17:19-20 , the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him, why they
were unable to cast out the demon in the man’s son? Jesus made them
aware that the issue was their faith. When the man brought his son to them
their attention was on the problem, which caused them to lose sight of the
solution. When too much attention is given to a problem, it will allow doubt
to creep in. When doubt creeps in, its sole purpose is to shrink our faith.
So, they were unable to cure the man’s son because their faith was shrunk
by doubt. That’s why Jesus said to them in verse 20, “because of your little
faith”, when we focus on the problem it allows doubt to shrink our faith. The purpose of our faith is to believe the unbelievable, to see the un-seeable, and to know nothing is too hard for the Lord. But, when we doubt, we begin to waver in our faith, and when we speak it’s not with conviction because doubt is looming. That’s why Jesus also said in verse 20, “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed”, you can move mountains. The point Jesus was making, in faith, do you have the conviction to believe, and not waiver? If you do a mountain can be moved for you. The analogy Jesus uses for faith is a mustard seed, and for the problem He uses a mountain. This is how we see situations as our faith being so small, and our problems so big.
Through our faith in the Lord, you realize nothing is impossible with the
Lord. Therefore, don’t let nothing take your focus off the power of the Lord.
It’s time for all of us to speak with conviction in faith, believing the
unbelievable, and seeing the un-seeable. Then watch  how the Lord will
resolve this pandemic in the world, and the racial tension in our country. We have to speak with conviction! Continue to walk in your blessings.