You Have Been Restored!

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Our focus is knowing Jesus has prayed for our victory, and since we have it then we will not allow Satan to break us. Jesus wants him to strengthen his brothers once he has turned back. Simon, initially failed when Satan began to sift him, because he was trying  to make it with his own strength. When Jesus was resurrected and Simon met Him with the other disciples, he was restored. Once he was restored he had a responsibility to strengthen the brothers. This lets me know the impact we will have on the lives of others, when we allow Jesus to restore us. We have all attempted to go forward on our own, and we all failed. That’s why we are Christians, because we realized we were unable to do it on our own. We needed Jesus Christ to restore us, so that we can make an impact for Him by sharing the Good News with others as we go forward in faith. Thank you Lord for restoring us! Continue to walk in your blessings.

As we move forward, allowing the Lord to use us, there is an adversary attempting to stop us. The objective of the adversary is to break us down, so that we will not operate in faith. In order for us to experience the power of God we must function by faith. If our faith is broken then we are ineffective to do the will of the Lord.

The adversary’s purpose for breaking us down is not just to stop us, but the lives we would impact through our faith. In Luke 22:31-32, Jesus is letting Simon (Peter) know Satan’s plan to sift all the disciples like wheat. When they harvest the wheat, they would sift it to separate the chaff. Satan wanted to sift the disciples; to make them think they were chaff and not wheat. His purpose was to make them think they were incapable to serve the Lord. The only way they could be incapable was if they stop believing in the power of Jesus Christ. Which means they would stop moving forward in faith. But, the next statement Jesus says is powerful, “I have prayed for you so that your own faith may not fail”. Jesus makes it clear that Satan’s plan was to break him down. However, Jesus says, He already prayed for Simon. His prayer connects with us through the Holy Spirit that is guiding us every step of the way.