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In 1 Corinthians 4:1-6, Paul is sharing with the Corinthians who has given them the ability to provide ministry. The first thing he wants them to understand: God is the source of all we are able to accomplish. It’s by God’s mercy we are engaged in ministry. In essence none of us can think we deserve our position of ministry based on our works. We have all fallen short and are in need of God’s mercy. It’s through His mercy we are able to accept Jesus Christ into our lives. By understanding what God has done, we do not lose heart during the rough times of ministry. Yes, there will be times when it may appear nothing is getting better, so what is the purpose of our ministry?  

We are involved in ministry not for self gratification, but for the Lord. Therefore, we press our way through, and the Lord will work it all for His good in His time. We have made the decision to move forward according to the will of the Lord, and abandon the sins that used to dominate our lives. We move forward in sharing the Gospel, to give everyone who listens the opportunity to transition from sinner to saint. The ministry we are engaged in is to keep Jesus Christ at the forefront at all times. This is the only way for lives to be changed. What is truly awesome is how our lives have been transitioned from darkness to light. The Light of God first shined into our dark hearts, and now that Light radiates through us. We are now in a position that allows us to go into darkness, and bring forth the Light of God. This is done for those in darkness to see that change is possible. When the Light is shone, it gives knowledge for all that are lost to let them know God has found you. Therefore, those in darkness have to make a decision on whether they stay where they  are, or are they willing to come to the Light and watch how their lives will change. Paul is making it clear to the Corinthians, we are receiving a Light that is to be shared with all. 

Are you living your life by God’s mercy? If so, then you are engaged in ministry, because the Light of God is in your heart.  You know this Light is to be shared with all. It may be tough at times, but quitting is not an option. Continue to walk in your blessings!