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All banks have one thing they all have in common: there is a safe in place that holds the money made out of steel to ensure no one can break in. Banks understand the importance of keeping money in a safe environment. Why, because there is always someone who will attempt to break in and steal the treasurers within. This is also why some people have safe deposit boxes at banks, to ensure their important items can not be stolen. So, the purpose of the bank is to make sure whatever you place in it, is stored safely without the possibility of anyone being able to steal your treasurer. Back in the first century, Paul talks about how God has placed His treasure in clay jars. We all know if you place anything in a clay jar,  it should not be your treasure. Why, because the clay jars can be easily broken. 

In 2 Corinthians 4:7-11, Paul is letting the Corinthians know God has placed His treasure in clay jars. These jars Paul is referring to are us. The treasure we have within us allows us to do extraordinary things, but at no point do we attempt to take credit for what we have done. We are fragile and it doesn’t make sense for God to place His treasure in us. However, He did, to let us know all that we are able to do is through the extraordinary power of God. Paul is truly fascinated by what God has done, because he begins to list the various things he has been through. He talks about being afflicted but not crushed, perplexed but not driven to despair. Being persecuted but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed. Paul paints a vivid picture of all the things that should have caused the clay jar to crack and then break. The only reason that didn’t happen, is because of the extraordinary power of God. Paul does not want the Corinthians to fall into a trap of thinking they are self-sufficient. It’s nobody but God, who is keeping them through all the situations that could have broken them. This is being done for people to see Christ in us. It’s through our relationship with Jesus Christ that allows something so fragile to be able to endure the pressures of life, and not to be broken. This is to let us know God’s treasure is secure. 

I want to remind you what God has placed inside of you. The treasure within you is to be distributed to others, giving them an opportunity to see what they can be. However, when you share the treasure, there is always somebody attempting to break the safe and spill the content. For the sole purpose of stopping it from being shared. But, the extraordinary power of God will not allow the things of the world to break us. Therefore, make it your business to move forward doing as the Lord leads you. Why, because you are secure. Continue to walk in your blessings.